“E get anger issues” – Lady advertises washing machine that sounds and moves like faulty ‘tiger’ generator for 20k


A woman attracted attention by releasing a video of a washing machine worth $20,000 that appeared to be faulty because it moved and sounded just like a damaged generator.

The comment, “Available for immediate pick up, 20k only,” accompanied the video, which showed the machine trembling and moving violently after it was turned on.

The movement, and description of the video generated conversations on social media, generating replies in the comments area. According to one commenter, the washing machine has anger issues.

Here are some reactions:

mahruf: “‎E get anger issues.”

Fabulous: “‎This one go wash past, present and future.”

@paulelect2233: “‎the washing machine is going through a lot.”

Azure insight: “‎He’s just angry… You no give am food before you start am.”

Miss_Lisa: “‎the sound is giving traditional Nigerian soundtrack.”

mdeejarh: “‎this washing machine will wash away someone future.”

Hallyb D Bosslady: “‎nah dis kind washing machine Aunty Ramota wan buy for 18k.”

Adeola: “‎Sha no be aunty ramota washing machine be this wey she want buy 20k abi 15k.”

peoplemosttalk: “‎this washing machine go finish my prepared under 30minute I no buy.”

jozef_n_joi: “I imagine having to go pick this from a repairer. Omo you must spoil it back o.”

Tailored by Tofunmi: “‎As I dey sad. I con fast it to 1.5 speed people bin think sey na giri catch me.”

shantel: “‎E dey see e period oo menstrual pain na ur mate.”