“Getting married next year” Yhemolee reveals his deepest wish for 2024


In the midst of recent controversies, Yhemolee, has made a surprising announcement: he intends to get married next year.

This revelation comes against the backdrop of a series of dramatic events in his personal life, including his recent split from girlfriend Bisola.

Yhemolee and Bisola’s breakup initially sparked rumors of infidelity, with speculations that Bisola was caught cheating. These rumors were recently addressed by Bisola in a detailed statement where she categorically denied any infidelity. She maintained that their relationship ended amicably and emphasized her loyalty throughout their time together.

Before Bisola, Yhemolee was involved with another lady, fueling speculations that his relationship with Bisola began as an affair. His time with Bisola was marked by numerous trips, lavish shopping sprees, and even a grand surprise birthday party he organized for her. The couple famously got matching tattoos at one point, symbolizing their commitment.

However, as these relationships have come to an end, Yhemolee seems more determined than ever to find lasting love. His announcement about planning to marry in 2024 indicates a new chapter in his life, one focused on settling down and finding a deep, meaningful connection.

Adding a twist to his love life narrative, Yhemolee shared a direct message he received from a fan. In this message, an Igbo girl humorously suggested that Yhemolee might find better luck in love outside his usual preference for Yoruba women. She encouraged him to consider dating someone from the Igbo tribe, adding a light-hearted yet intriguing angle to his ongoing search for love.