“He Wants to Break New Global Record”- Man Walks on Rope Across Bridge in Lagos, Video Trends



In a video, Jaan Roose can be seen walking on a rope across a bridge and rail lines at the CMS bus stop in Lagos.

LOUD GIST discovered the video on X (previously Twitter) on Thursday, November 16.

As people stared in awe, Roose, an Estonian stuntman, walked to the Onome rig.

He was seen starting from the rooftop of a commercial bank in Marina, with a drone recording his actions.

The energy drink business Red Bull brought Roose to Lagos to try the record. Another footage of how the tightrope stunt began was posted by the governor’s adviser.

He tweeted: “It’s actually a tightrope stunt by a foreigner who wants to break a new global record. It wasn’t a self-murder mission.

“The foreigner was brought to Lagos by Red Bull to attempt a new global record.”