“How my marriage ended because my husband was threatening me with my fame” Wumi Toriola finally opens up on her crashed marriage


After months of confirming that her 3 years marriage has crashed, Nollywood actress, Wumi Toriola has finally opened up on it.

The Movie producer, in an interview with her colleague, Debbie Shokoya revealed how her game was used against her by her now ex-husband.

She disclosed that she got married to a young man and they had their lives coming up. She added that she believed in making things work but her husband didn’t give her the opportunity as he always rubbed her fame to her face.

According to her, her husband was always threatening her with her fame, using it to keep her trapped in the marriage, until she decided to move on.

Now, they are good co-parents and could have been better friends as he is actively involved in his son’s life.

Wumi Toriola opens up on crashed marriage

Wumi added that it got to a point in her marriage, when she called the media outlet, Punch Newspaper, to announce her separation but she kicked against it.

Following her divorce, she has channeled her energy into her son and making movies.

“I got married to a young man, we had our lives coming up. I used to believe we could work things out but at a point when you have issues in marriage and keep letting you feel your celebrity status is on the rock. Things that would have been settled.

Me and my ex co-parent on a good note. He is 100% involved in his child as of today.

I even realized that the co-parenting is going better, we could have even ended up being friends.

There was a point when I called Punch newspaper for an interview, I was still married then and I wanted to break the news to them, but I still slowed down.

At some point when my marriage failed, I just put all my energy into my movie and that’s what I am reaping today. My mental health was a mess then but I channeled the energy into my movies”.

Elsewhere in the interview, Wumi revealed that she is open to being a second wife.

According to her, being a single mother of one has left her no choice but to accept whatever comes her way as she considers herself after one now. She further disclosed that she is open to marrying a widower, or someone like her, who has previously been married with kids.

Early this year, Wumi Toriola confirmed that her marriage to the father of her son had crashed after barely three years.

The actress while reflecting on 2022, revealed she walked away from a domestic violent and abusive relationship for her sanity’s sake.

Her ex-husband on his part, had something contrary to say, as he claimed that their marriage was filled with violence, deceit, and betrayal on Wumi Toriola’s part. Describing his marriage as a total regret, he further alleged that Wumi physically assaulted his mother.

Addressing his allegations, Wumi Toriola in a lengthy post on her Instagram page debunked the report, stating that she has never been physical with her mother-in-law or her mother and she had witnesses to back her up.