“I pray my man gets everything he works for” Rosy Meurer declares for her husband


Rosy Meurer recently took to Instagram to express her profound support and love for her husband. In her emotional post, she shared how deeply she prays for his success, safety, and future, emphasizing the unseen extent of her prayers for him. Accompanying these heartfelt words was a poignant image of their hands intertwined, symbolizing their unity.

I pray my man gets everything he’s working hard for. He has no idea how much I pray for him, his safety, his future, everything.”

Contrary to the swirling rumors about their separation, Rosy Meurer swiftly addressed these speculations. Reports of their alleged parting, fueled by claims of domestic violence and infidelity, originated from the anonymous blogger Gistlover. Meurer, however, was quick to dispel these rumors.

Taking to social media, Rosy shared a video that painted a picture of harmony and togetherness in her family. The video captured a tender moment at the airport, showing her husband bidding farewell to her and their son as they set off for a summer vacation. Her caption, “Summer Vacay Vibes. See you in a bit, baby. I missed all the separation rumors,” effectively silenced any doubt about their relationship’s stability.

Adding further clarity to the situation, Kemi Olunloyo, revealed that the rumors of separation were baseless. Olunloyo, after interviewing Rosi Meurer, reported that Meurer was shocked by the news of their supposed separation, affirming that their relationship was strong and without issues.

It is important to note that before marrying Rosy Meurer, Olakunle Churchill was previously married to Tonto Dike, a marriage that was enveloped in controversy. Despite this history, Rosi Meurer’s recent public declaration and actions emphatically reaffirm the strength and resilience of her current marriage, dispelling rumors and solidifying their bond in the public eye.