#JusticeForMohbad: Mohbad Case Is Slowly Dying Off – What Can Be Done?


The case surrounding the tragic passing away of IleriOluwa Imole, Popularly known as Mohbad, the 27-year-old Nigerian artist, has raised several concerns about the transparency and efficiency of the ongoing investigation concerning his death.

Despite the gravity of the situation, the whole protests across the Nation, still yet the proceedings seem to be moving at an unexpectedly slow pace, leading to a growing sense of frustration among the public.

The Autopsy Wahala

One of the most glaring issues in this case is the prolonged delay in obtaining the autopsy results after exhuming Mohbad’s body after 9 days of burying it.

Typically, an autopsy takes less than 24 hours to conclude. Therefore, the extended timeline in Mohbad’s case has become a subject of serious concern.

This delay not only hampers the progression of the investigation but also leaves room for speculation and uncertainty.

Some Unanswered Questions Up Till Now

Many are left wondering whether Naira Marley, who has close ties with Mohbad, has been questioned in relation to the incident.


Given their association, it would be expected that he be brought in for questioning to shed light on any potential information that may assist in the investigation.

The absence of such information only adds to the prevailing sense of opacity surrounding the case.

Naira Marley who granted a virtual interview with Reno Omokri to clear the air on the allegations against him, although Nigerians didn’t buy into the idea of his supposedly staged Interview with Reno.

Legal Action Against Sam Larry

Sam Larry, who is allegedly connected to the incident, has yet to face any significant legal repercussions.

This has prompted a wave of inquiries about what might be preventing the Nigerian police from taking the necessary steps to hold him accountable for his role in the events leading up to the tragedy.

Sam Larry Biography; Net Worth, Wife, Children, Age and Connection To Mohbad’s Death

The lack of action raises questions about the effectiveness and thoroughness of the investigation.

Initial Gra Gra and No Action

Initially, the case garnered substantial attention from both the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) and the state’s Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

However, despite the initial surge of concern and commitment to investigate the matter, it appears that there has been a noticeable lack of progress or updates in recent times.

This has left many perplexed and disappointed, as they had hoped for swift and effective action to address the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s unfortunate passing.

What I Have To Say

The handling of Mohbad’s case has left many deeply unsettled. The delay in obtaining autopsy results, the absence of questioning regarding Naira Marley’s involvement, the lack of legal action against Sam Larry, and the initial surge of attention followed by a sense of inaction have all contributed to the growing frustration and skepticism surrounding this investigation.

It is imperative that the relevant authorities address these concerns promptly and transparently to ensure that justice is served and that Mohbad’s family and the public can find closure in this difficult time.

#JusticeForMohbad Continua!