Lady calls out church in her area for “noise pollution” with their vigil during the night


After persistent vigils, a woman on social media has called out a church in her region for noise pollution.

The lady, who is a well-known baker on the microblogging platform X, disclosed that she had previously called out the church.

According to what she shared on her Instagram account, @TheCakeChancery, she was awake at 1:32 a.m., yet church members can be heard singing quite loudly.

According to her, holding a religious programme is not illegal, but doing so so loudly, especially in a residential location, is.

The lady maintains she has complained to her community’s excos about the church’s noise pollution, but they have refused to take any action.

Many Netizens are outraged by the church’s actions and have provided her suggestions to urge them to stop.

Here are a few examples:

@Dontee__ said: “This is so horrible.. It’s as if you’re in the front of the church”

@lexyy4real said: “Oyo state should do something about this noise pollution..Thank God the madness has reduced in Lagos..”

@dahnnysparrow wrote: “If you make a complaint they’ll use you as a prayer point and ask God to deliver you from the hand of the witch’s Coven.”

@TheOlalere said: “The day I promised the one opposite my house in Ibadan that the next time he woke us up with that vigil nonsense, I would rent a big speaker and play porn loudly when they are doing Sunday service was the day we reach an agreement.”

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