LET’S PLAY!! If You Get Arrested & Will Only Be Released When Your Babe Post You – How Long Would You Spend in Prison?


Hey folks,

We’ve all heard the saying, “Love can set you free” but can the love your Girlfriend has for you really set you free? 🤔

NOTE:- I decided to throw this question to you all in the spirit of fun and playfulness. In reality, none of us will ever go to Prison 🙏

Now, imagine a scenario where you’ve been arrested and the only way to get out of Prison is when your Babe posts your Photo on her WhatsApp status or Post your Photo on her Instagram page or posts you on her Snapchat 🤣🤣

This thing wey we dey take laff na serious matter ooo but if something don pass to cry on top, na make person kuku use am laff remain.

This is a playful question oo but it can reveal a lot about your relationship and make you start considering those little little things that matters in a relationship 😉

Now, here’s the question again 👇

If You Get Arrested & You Will Only Be Released When Your Babe Post You – How Long Do You Think You Would Spend in Prison?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below, and let the conversation begin!

MY COMMENT:- I swear to God, Na for that Prison most of una go die put… Including Myself ooo cos I no go lie cos them no dey too Post us except on our Birthday – that’s all 🤣🤣

Oya, let’s hear from you too.

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