[Movie Review] Umbrella Academy


Okay, so imagine this – no matter where these guys go, it’s like the universe is always in some sort of trouble and needs saving. They’re constantly caught up in this never-ending adventure.

Now, rewind to 1989. It should have been just an ordinary day, right? But nope, out of the blue, 43 babies magically appear, born to moms who weren’t pregnant the day before. And then there’s Sir Reginald Hargreeves, the billionaire, who decides to create the Umbrella Academy and adopts seven of these unique kids.

Growing up in that academy, these kids didn’t have your typical childhood. As they hit their teenage years, their family bonds started getting weaker, and one by one, they left.

Jump to the present day, and these seven grown-up kids have to team up to stop an impending apocalypse. You see, Number 5, one of them, got stuck in the future and came back to the past to save his family from this disaster.

So, now they’ve got to work together as a family and a team to prevent the apocalypse.

And let me tell you, this show isn’t just funny; it’s also filled with action and excitement. Seriously, there’s not a single boring moment in the entire story. If you’re into binge-watching, you’ll probably find yourself finishing the whole series in a weekend, or maybe a week at most. It’s super addictive!

The cinematography is top-notch, and you’ll absolutely fall in love with each character. And as for the script, it’s definitely deserving of an A+.

This movie has three seasons already, and there are high hopes for a fourth season in 2024. Honestly, I can’t wait for it!

IMDb gives it a solid 7.9/10, and Rotten Tomatoes rates it at a cool 86%.

Our final verdict: Why haven’t you streamed it yet? It’s a must-watch for Netflix subscribers!!!!