“My dad is a bus driver” – Nigerian lady proudly advertises her father’s bus driving business, Nigerians reacts


Erege Ngozi Susan, a Nigerian lady, gained accolades on social media for boldly endorsing her father’s bus driving business.

She resorted to Facebook to defend her father’s dependability and professionalism while also seeking support.

Her post reads: “MY DAD IS A BUS DRIVER. Finding a trustworthy and reliable driver can be challenging. You need someone professional, experienced, ensuring safe and timely transportation. That’s why my father is here for you.”

“Understanding the significance of safety and reliability in transportation, he boasts over 10 years of professional driving experience with a flawless safety record.”

“For property conveyance within the East, he’s available. His bus is also open for charter—ideal for church retreats, weddings, or group events.”

“He prioritizes safety over speed, valuing every life. His exceptional service will guarantee your satisfaction and return for more.”

“With December approaching, consider hiring him to drive your family. When choosing a driver, you can’t go wrong with my father, based in Aba, Abia State. Susan’s FEED.”

The viral post garnered immense attention with many applauding her efforts in the comments.

See some reactions below:

@ibrahim_macduff: “I love the way she is so proud of her Dad being a Bus Driver. Many ladies out their whose their parent can’t even afford this bus are living a fake life, prostituting, feeling ashamed of identifying with their family.”

@roooooneeeey: “I love this I read it again and again. Till date the proudest moment of my life is working with my Dad in his Press. It shaped 50% of my life till date.”