Nigeria Is A Year Older Today: What Are You Proud Of As A Nigerian?


Happy Independence Day, Nigeria! 🇳🇬

Today marks 63 years since we gained our freedom from colonial rule. As we celebrate this historic occasion, let’s reflect on what makes us proud to be Nigerians.

Nigeria is a country of diversity, resilience and creativity. We have a rich culture, a vibrant music scene, a delicious cuisine and a warm hospitality. We have produced some of the world’s most influential leaders, artists, athletes and entrepreneurs. We have overcome many challenges and obstacles, and we have shown our strength and unity in times of crisis.

We are not perfect, and we still have a lot of work to do to improve our nation. But we should not lose sight of the achievements and progress we have made so far.

We should not let the negative voices drown out the positive ones. We should not forget the sacrifices and contributions of our heroes and heroines, past and present.

We should be proud of our identity, our heritage, and our potential. We should be proud of our flag, our anthem and our motto: Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress. We should be proud of being Nigerians.


As a Nigerian, am proud of our unique culture and the support we put into pushing our music and arts.

What Are You Proud Of As A Nigerian?

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