Outrage in Abuja as woman’s private part is stolen


Nigeria has seen a rise in the theft of private parts, almost always male genitalia but seldom females. Abuja has seen a lot of p_nis thefts, but this unique incident is the first of its sort.

In her tweet she said;

“A woman’s v_gina got stolen this afternoon in my office, federal secretariat, Abuja.
The thief has been caught and arrested, the victim taken to the hospital.
We are just here seeing wonders in this town. I’m scared. God abeg😫😫”

She added that there is a police station in the secretariat where the crime was confirmed after two police women tried putting their hands in her v_gina but it couldn’t be penetrated.

The culprit admitted to the crime and had been arrested.

Netizens reaction…

@Alpha_Femalee said: So women are now in trouble too? God abeg. I never born oh 😭

@SaboWungak said: Wait what!!!!! How do you steal a v_gina. What!!!!????

@b_ofai said: E be like na new line of business for Abuja be that. Stealing private parts. Lol 😂

@Ikoro_ said: Are there really educated people who believe senseless stuff like this?

@Imohdyn1 wrote: She should return someone’s v_gina abeg, wtf!

@itz_claribel said: Omooo… Wetin dey happen for this town laidis🥲But i’m curious how do you know they stole it? Does it bleed, or do you just feel an absence?

@homieismoi said: we must follow up with the genital theft and with the doctors who treated this “victim” must stamp out this childish nonsense once and for all

@rogeboi wrote: This is IMPOSSIBLE. No one can steal another person’s genitals.