Portable Calls Out Davido, Wizkid & Olamide For Not Fulfilling Their Promises to Him (Video)


Nigerian singer, Portable has voiced feelings of neglect from prominent figures in the music industry, including Wizkid, Davido, and Olamide.

In a video shared on social media, Portable expressed frustration, asserting that Olamide has ignored his messages, while both Wizkid and Davido have failed to follow through on their promises to collaborate with him.

The singer passionately lamented that his efforts, aimed at self-improvement and assisting others, have gone unappreciated. He emphasized that he used his resources to help those around him, but the support is not reciprocated.

Portable emphasized his independence and gratitude towards Olamide who he acknowledged as helper, stressing that the rapper no longer reply his message.

He clarified that he doesn’t constantly seek assistance, as he understands the potential consequences of pestering those who have supported him.

Portable expressed disappointment over the lack of commitment by Davido and Wizkid to follow-through with their promises for collaborations, leaving him with unfulfilled expectations.

Portable said: “Here I am still looking for someone to sign me, to help me, I’m using what I have to assist you all, but you don’t appreciate it.

He added; “Since Olamide helped me, have you seen me going to beg Olamide? If I want to message Olamide, I do so without stressing him because he’s my helper, and I don’t want him to dislike me.

“If you pester your helper, they’ll dislike you. Not every day I beg Olamide (Baddo). I don’t beg for food money. He didn’t buy me a car; I bought it myself.

“How many celebrities have posted me on their pages? Am I not the one promoting myself? I messaged Olamide to help me with a remix, but he didn’t help me again. Davido promised to do a song with me, but I didn’t see him. Wizkid promised me, and I didn’t see anything.”