Slum King: Maje finds Himself in the Murky Dealings of the Alaiberu Gang in Episode 5


In the fifth episode of The Slum King, Maje finds himself reluctantly entangled in the murky dealings of the Alaiberu gang. Despite having his own plans, Imole continually pulls him into a realm of drugs, gangs, violence, robbery, and murder. The question looms: Can Maje escape the grip of the Oro lede slum gang?

We see the fight between good and bad in this episode. Dr. Kate’s foundation works really hard to get drug addicts clean and far away from drugs, but then her efforts are being thwarted by the Alaiberu gang due to pressure from the Agbakara gang selling breaklights. Imole carries out the action on Mr. Mbadiwe in a bid to protect his people from drugs but then in a bid to stop an evil he has unknowingly let in a greater evil as we see that this particular action will come back to hunt them one way or another.

A standout and amusing scene transpires in the church, seemingly taken over by the Alaiberu gang. The pastor grapples with discomfort, confusion, and seemed at loss for what to do especially when Imole mounted the altar to lead a firebrand worship section, it was hilarious but realistically, even in the church we see so much drama going on. The comedic yet thought-provoking church scene mirrors the societal reality where drama often eclipses spirituality.

The use of proverbs introduces a unique twist to the series. Traditionally proverbs convey cultural wisdom and values, but then the gang members employ proverbs in their Pidgin English/Yoruba laden dialogues, highlighting their lower socio-economic background.

As Maje contemplates a prolonged stay in Oro Lede, the looming question remains—can he navigate the treacherous waters of the Alaiberu gang without succumbing to its shadows? The forthcoming episodes hold the key to Maje’s fate in this gripping narrative.