Slum King: Treachery Looms in the Alaiberu Gang in Episode 6


In the backdrop of an impending war in Oro Lede, love blossoms, but the shadows of treachery threaten to cast a dark cloud. Imole, driven by noble intentions for the people of Oro Lede, but it seems the snakes among his own clan are starting to raise their ugly treacherous heads.

slum king review

Maje’s journey serves as a poignant reflection on the clash between individuals’ good intentions and the external forces that seek to stifle them. Despite aspiring to become a doctor and contribute positively to his life, Maje grapples with the relentless influence of the Alaiberu gang frustrating his efforts. Even when aligning with the gang in a bid to help the foundation, fate appears to gently steer him into the murky waters of the Alaiberu gang. Now, faced with these challenges, he contemplates leaving Oro Lede behind.

The series boasts a commendable cast, skillfully bringing their characters to life. The depiction of gang life, from the intense arm-wrestling between Imole and Sapele Water to the gang pledge before going off to war, immerses viewers in the gritty world of slum gangs. The costumes of the casts also does a good job in making the making the movie realistic.

In all, Treachery pervades every corner of the narrative, unbeknownst to Imole, as his once-unified house reveals fractures of disloyalty. The suspense mounts: will this internal strife persist? Will Imole unveil the betrayal within his ranks and restore order? Meanwhile, Maje stands at a crossroads, contemplating departure from Oro Lede. Will he follow through with his plan, or succumb once more to the capricious dance of fate? We’ll find out in upcoming epispdes.