The Real Housewives of Lagos: Frenemies Exposed in Episode 6


The seventh episode of The Real Housewives of Lagos aptly earns its title, “Family and Frenemies,” as the episode vividly portrays the dynamic interplay between camaraderie and conflict. Opening with three housewives enjoying a cheerful moment with their children, the initial bliss soon transforms into a drama-filled scene at Tania’s party, reaffirming the adage that where two or three women gather, trouble is sure to follow.

The drama happening among the housewives is appropriately titled as one minute they are all friends, hanging out and having fun with each other the next minute they are screaming at each other, having heated confrontations, and engaging in verbal sparring and name-calling.

There is always a victim of everyone’s wrath. Laura and Faith Morey have been the victims for the longest time this season but then it seems they’ve been able to achieve reprieve from drama as Mariam and Chioma Ikokwu take over. It’s a full-on battle of words with those two.

Meanwhile, Tania is finally coming out of her shell to do something major by hosting a party, and she brings her A-game.The event exudes opulence and entertainment, showcasing a dazzling array of performers.

The housewives, impeccably dressed with no wardrobe malfunctions in sight this time, revel in the fun. However, true to the series’ nature, the celebration concludes with yet another altercation, leaving Tania caught in the crossfire of words between Chioma Ikokwu and Mariam. Poor Tania! The housewives brought the fight to her doorstep too.

The escalating drama between the housewives reaches a boiling point, with Mariam embarking on a spree of conflict and quarrels, navigating from one housewife to the next.

The burning question remains: Will the tensions continue to simmer, or will something emerge to quell the mounting anger? Well, upcoming episodes will tell.