“Them Been Wan Rip Me” – Portable Explains What Really Happened In Italy


Controversial Afropop artist, Portable, has provided a detailed account of the incident that took place in Italy, where a show promoter took away all the money that had been showered on him.

As many may recall, the Zazoo music sensation caused a scene in Italy after a show promoter reportedly confiscated the money that appreciative fans had sprayed on him during an event.

In the video, Portable confronted the car, delivering an angry kick, as the show organizer hastily drove away.

Recalling the events, Portable explained that following his performance, the show organizers declined to hand over the money that had been showered on him. According to them, the money belonged to the organizers, not the singer. The funds in Portable’s pocket, however, were considered his own.

Portable expressed his frustration, highlighting that the organizers had collected numerous sacks and cartons of cash, while his personal earnings were comparatively small.

Watch the video below:-