Top 5 Dribblers in Premier League History


Let’s take a look at the best dribblers to have ever graced the Premier League.

Ryan Giggs

Dribbling in football is an art form that few can master. The ability to glide past defenders with grace and precision is a skill that sets the great players apart from the rest. In the history of the Premier League, there have been some extraordinary dribblers, and here, we take a look at the best of them.

5. Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo’s legacy in the Premier League is nothing short of legendary. While he is often praised for his prolific goal-scoring abilities, Ronaldo’s dribbling skills were equally outstanding. The Portuguese superstar possessed an uncanny ability to glide past defenders with ease, leaving spectators in awe. His 2007/08 season at Manchester United stands as a testament to his dribbling prowess, a year in which he dominated the English topflight like no other. Ronaldo’s knack for dancing past defenders solidified his status as one of the greatest footballers of all time.

4. David Ginola

David Ginola defied the stereotype of smaller, swifter wingers in the Premier League. Despite his imposing physical presence, Ginola was a master of dribbling. He effortlessly took on defenders with a ball seemingly glued to his feet during his stints at Newcastle, Spurs, and Aston Villa. Fans watched in amazement as he weaved his way through opposition defenses, proving that skill and power could coexist on the football pitch.

3. Ryan Giggs

Ryan Giggs’ career at Manchester United was a testament to his longevity and dribbling excellence. From a young age, Giggs established himself as a fearless winger, consistently tormenting opposition defenses. His blistering runs down the wing left defenders in his wake, and he maintained his dribbling prowess well into his two-decade career at Old Trafford. Giggs’s dribbling skills were instrumental in the club’s numerous triumphs, securing his place among the greatest Premier League wingers.

2. Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry was a unique blend of brute force and finesse, and his dribbling abilities were a testament to his multifaceted skills. While he is renowned for his goal-scoring prowess, Henry’s dribbling was equally remarkable. Few players have dominated the Premier League to the extent that the Frenchman did during his time at Arsenal. His ability to dance through defenders and score breathtaking goals solidified his status as one of the league’s all-time greats.

1. Eden Hazard

Eden Hazard’s dribbling abilities set him apart as the Premier League’s greatest-ever dribbler. The Belgian’s ball control and low center of gravity made him a nightmare for defenders. He consistently led the league in dribbling statistics and averaged an astounding 3.7 successful dribbles per game during his seven-year stint in England. Hazard’s ability to make defenders look helpless was a defining characteristic of his prime years at Chelsea. His contributions to the club’s success in the 2010s cannot be overstated, cementing his legacy as the Premier League’s most exceptional dribbler.