Twitter Is Full Of Mad People – Burna Boy Shares His Thought About X


Award-winning Nigerian musician Damini Ebunoluwa, better known by his stage as Burna Boy, has expressed his frank sentiments on social media sites, particularly his distaste for Twitter users.

Burna Boy expressed his displeasure with the toxic conduct and negativity he observes on the well-known X platform.

He added that before his extensive travels, he had thought that “madness” on X was only exhibited by Nigerians. He later discovered, though, that it was a “global phenomenon.”

In a recent interview, the self-described “African Giant” mentioned this.

The Afrofusion artist, shared his views on the impact of social media on mental health and society as a whole.

In his words:

I don’t like people on Twitter. I used to think it was just Nigerians on Twitter that were just mad. Then, I now went to Kenya, I saw that it’s the same thing. I went to South Africa, I saw it was the same thing.

“I went to America. America they have their own group. If you go, you’d see all of them tagged. You know how Lil Durk has his OTF? Twitter mad people for America, they’ve their own.”