You were committing incest and you need to ask God for forgiveness – Actor Prince Eke tells Mr Ibu


In a turn of events, Actor Prince Eke has expressed his mind on the current controversy surrounding Nollywood Alumni, Mr Ibu.

Nollywood scene has been rocked by allegations involving veteran actor Mr. Ibu, born John Okafor, and a young woman he introduced as his daughter. These allegations have gained significant attention following a tumultuous period for Mr. Ibu, who has recently been battling severe health issues.

Mr. Ibu has been a topic of public concern for weeks, primarily due to his health crisis. After a distressing call for help and subsequent hospitalization, reports emerged that Mr. Ibu had to undergo leg amputation, a development that deeply saddened his fans and colleagues. Amidst this turmoil, issues about the handling of funds raised for his treatment began to surface. Accusations flew within the family, with fingers pointed at his wife and daughter, leading to a bitter and public family feud.

The situation took an even more dramatic turn when an audio leak suggested that Jasmine, the young woman Mr. Ibu presented as his daughter, was not actually his biological child. Further deepening the scandal, Jasmine’s ex-husband stepped forward, alleging that she and Mr. Ibu were involved in a sexual relationship while maintaining the public facade of a father-daughter bond. This revelation, if true, casts a disturbing light on their relationship, especially since Mr. Ibu had formally adopted Jasmine.

Nollywood actor Prince Eke, expressed his shock and confusion over the different narratives he’s heard. He pointed out that if the allegations about Mr. Ibu and Jasmine’s relationship are true, it amounts to incest. In his view, family isn’t solely defined by biology, and by introducing Jasmine as his daughter, Mr. Ibu had established a familial bond that should have precluded any sexual relationship.

Eke revealed that there were many other ways Mr. Ibu could have introduced Jasmine to the world – as a best friend, a family friend, or a colleague. By choosing to call her his daughter, Mr. Ibu, according to Eke, blurred moral lines. Eke revealed that if these allegations are true, Mr. Ibu needs to seek forgiveness and reflect deeply on his actions.

“Bros, you were committing insest and vou need to ask God for forgiveness.

ASAP .Family isn’t only biological.

There are many tags you should have given her.

Bestie, family friend, colleague, Etc .but NOT

‘daughter ‘#my2cents”